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Ich bin gegen covid 19. Was ist deine Meinung?
==Leaderboard and Scoring=====Public Global and Monthly Leaderboard===There is a publicly accessible leaderboard available here:* [http://raptor-labIch bin gegen covid Monthly Ranking]* [ ist deine Meinung?index=standout All Time Ranking] These scores are updated in real time, so match what is displayed on the in-game ranking menu. ===Scoring===Scoring system is based on some points for each kill and some points for final position. Kill points are the same for every kill whether human player or bot and regardless of total number of kills or position of the victim in leaderboard table - that is you get the same points for killing the #1 ranked player as for a raw new player or bot! {| class="wikitable sortable"|-| points per kill || 20 points|-|} Points for final position: {| class="wikitable sortable"|-! Final Position !! Points awarded|-| Last Man Standing || 110 points|-| Second place || 60 points|-| third place || 43 points|-| 4th || 43 points|-| 5th || 30 points|-| 6th || 30 points|-| > 7th* || 17-26 points|-| > 20* || 0-16 points|} * above 7th place, the scores appear variable, which may be related to the total number of players in the round. ===Player Level=== Your score for each game is aggregated to a running total. Although that actual total is not visible to anyone except for devs, you can observe your score growing by looking at the bar graph found when viewing 'Loot' at the main menu. When the "loot bar" fills to 100%, you gain a Player Level. All players start at level 1, and as each new level is achieved, a new loot box is awarded and you can open the loot box to reveal new wearable gear to customise your player character. Wearables make no difference to the player capabilities or vulnerability to damage from weapons, falling or explosion so only for visual identification by others in game.<br/><br/>Each time a new level is reached, the number of points required to reach the next level increases so that after about level 20, it takes a very long time and large number of games played to progress to the next level! ===Leaderboard and Ranking==='''*Disclaimer! This section is almost entirely conjecture based on play experience and observation of my own scores and leaderboard position - it is offered for discussion purposes only! ;-)'''<br/><br/>At the end of a round, a scoreboard panel is displayed that shows:* [[the number of kills you achieved in the round]]* [[name of player (or bot) who killed you]]* [[final position (rank) for that round (rank 1 is last man standing) and]]* [[your global rank, which is your position on the global leaderboard]]<br>Only the top 10 global ranked players are displayed when viewing leaderboard from the main menu.<br/><br/>How the Leaderboard Ranking system is calculated is a trade secret held closely by the dev team, but after playing for some time and observing the way that player ranks change, we can make a few assumptions that are worth mentioning here.<br/><br/>There are two major factors that very probably determine your final leaderboard rank:* [[total number of games played during an unknown period (e.g. 1 week, or 1 month, or over last 100 days)]]* [[average final round score over most recent games played]]<br/> There is some debate over whether the latter factor (final round score) is based on ''numerical score'' (i.e. points for kills plus points for final position) or final rank only (i.e. rank 1 is last man standing, rank 2 is second, and so on) The argument supporting a rank based on final ''position'' rather than ''score'' is that in a Battle Royale game, being last man standing is more important than number of kills, and therefore players who often win the round should be ranked higher than players who get lots of kills, but more often finish second or lesser. Since either calculation method would arguably produce similar observable affect of game outcomes to ranking, the 'jury is out' on which method is most likely to be used ;-) Observation of my own rank over the many months of playing Stand Out, I suspect a formula something like:<br> {| class="wikitable"|-| score sum of last X games over last Y days|-|} For example, {| class="wikitable"|-| score sum of last 100 games over last 60 days|-|} The result of this kind of scoring scheme is that initially, when starting play, global rank can be improved simply by playing more games within the ''Y days'' period. Eventually, once you have reached the ''X game'' limit within the ''Y days'' period, you can only advance rank by improving your average game score.<br/>It also means that your rank position can FALL by either scoring some poor scores (especially when killed early in a game and/or less than a few points score), AND your rank can fall if you do not play Stand Out for a few days running.<br/>To reach the top 10 in the leaderboard rankings requires attention to <b><i>both</i></b> of the indicated variables. As a guide, based on my own recent play history (BOT Mike), I have been able to achieve relatively consistent rank position between about 3 and 13 by playing an average of 2-3 hours each session perhaps 3-6 days each week and scoring maybe a 100+ average overall.<br><br/>Don't forget that when playing with squad partners, the round rank score is divided among surviving players, so playing solo can often improve your overall rank (so long as you survive to top few places relatively often ;)<br/><br/>Further discussion, suggestions and your own empirical observations are most welcome - [ come to the discord] to talk! :-)mituns

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