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<strong>MediaWiki has been installed.</strong>=Game Info=* [[Gameplay]]Consult the ** [[ User's GuideGameplay#VR Controller Mapping|VR Controller Mapping]] for information on using the wiki software.** [[Gameplay#Controls|Controls]]== Getting started ==** [[Gameplay#Health and Damage|Health and Damage]]* [[Weapons]]** [[Weapons#Rifles|Rifles]]** [[Weapons#SMGs|SMGs]]** [ Configuration settings list[Weapons#Shotguns|Shotguns]]** [ MediaWiki FAQ[Weapons#Handguns|Handguns]]** [ MediaWiki release mailing list[Weapons#Others|Others]]* * [[ Localise MediaWiki for your languageWeapon Attachments|Weapon Attachments]]* [ Learn how to combat spam on your wiki[Maps]]

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