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This much is intuitive. But have you ever considered Overnight Millionaire System that a book or magazine just might contain the instruction manual you need to succeed in doing things in life you've never done before as well? If there is something you wish to accomplish in life, chances are someone has accomplished it before. Wouldn't it make sense to read their story and follow the directions they left behind? Surely they can give you the steps you need to follow to succeed, but they will also warn you of the mistakes they made and how to avoid them.

Reading can be inspiring as well. When we hear stories and read about people who have accomplished seemingly impossible things, we're encouraged to believe we can too. Reading gives us a window into worlds we've never seen. Do you want to travel to exotic destinations? Chances are you've read about them. Do you dream about the perfect wedding? Chances are you've opened countless bridal magazines and books. When we read we escape the world of "I can't" and enter into the world of possibilities. We can see ourselves and imagine how we will feel when we're experiencing what the writer has experienced or created for us.

While most people do a fair amount of reading throughout the day, few people have a reading plan that will lead to a result. You wouldn't read a recipe for a cake and then attempt to bake a cake from memory days later. We are best learning about new things when we read the information and immediately apply what we're learning. We are given step-by-step instructions because recipe writers know most people haven't prepared this recipe before.