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(List of Suspected BOT names)
(List of Suspected BOT names)
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* ayoubattack
* ayoubattack
* marmot
* marmot
* HueLaw
* chromatix
If you know (or suspect) others, please tell us so that we can improve this list!
If you know (or suspect) others, please tell us so that we can improve this list!

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Stand out is a multiplayer game where each round supports around 30 other players. Since the object of the game is to defeat all other players, the more opponents starting the round, the greater challenge to each player, which will ultimately improve the satisfaction of a win!

When you first start the game, you spawn to a 'waiting lobby' version of the game map with a countdown timer indicating when the next round will start. Other players join the 'waiting lobby' as they become available either by starting the game on their PC or by finishing a previous round. When the countdown timer reaches zero, the round begins.

If there are too few players when the round begins, Stand Out spawns computer generated players to make up the opponent count. These computer generated players are visually indistinguishable from human players except it is suspected that (some) bots wear helmets that cannot be gotten as loot by players, and will move around the map much like real opponents. They will attack other players (human or bot) and can be killed just like other players (human or bot). For this reason, new players to Stand Out often do not realize that there are opponents who are not human players!

Therefore, we offer a list of things to look for if knowing an opponent is bot or human is important to you:

Typical BOT behaviour

  • Bots do NOT hide: If they come under fire, they will usually turn to return fire (often assuming 'crouch' position) Bots generally do not attempt to take cover from fire behind objects or inside buildings (unless they were headed that way before an attack begins)
  • Bots do not loot: Like players, bots are unarmed when dropping in to the map at the beginning of a game. They do not, however, collect weapons and ammo from loot spawn locations - instead, they will automatically spawn a weapon and ammo a short time after landing and immediately begin attacking!
  • Bots do not ransack killed players: When you are killed by a bot, you will NEVER observe it approaching your last position to collect (or even LOOK at) any dropped items.
  • Bots never carry multiple weapons: Bots will always wield one weapon (which is very often a P90 with no attachments) and will carry 3 ammo clips (plus one clip in the weapon). A bot will never carry additional weapons, health packs or different ammo clips than for the wielded weapon.
  • Bots can't Jump (or climb): You will never see a bot climb through a window or scale a building or cliff face. If you can't climb a slope using trackpad motion, then a bot can't either - so if you have to use PRO locomotion to get to some spot, a bot can't follow you.
  • Bots can see you through foliage: A bot will fire on you even if it is behind tree branches or other foliage. Also, a bot can see you and fire on you when you are 'hidden' inside a bush, behind tree branches or peering through small view paths (corner of a window or other peep-hole)
  • Bots do not use health packs: Bots don't carry health packs and also never use them.
  • Bots don't de-spawn on death: When you kill a bot, the corpse remains where it fell. A human player corpse will vanish as soon as that player hit's the exit button to leave the game round.
  • Bots have massive short term memory loss: If it detects you and attacks, as soon as it loses sight of you it completely forgets you ever existed and will continue along whatever path it was taking when it lost sight of you. A Bot will NEVER pursue you or try to hunt you down after you have hidden from view. If the bot happens to walk behind a hill while it is firing on you, it will forget that you are there and just continue along as if the firefight never happened.

List of Suspected BOT names

The following list includes names of opponent players in Stand Out who have been observed to behave in a manner that matches 'Typical Bot Behaviour'. Note that it is quite possible (even probable) that an actual human player might share one of these names either by coincidence or intent ;) If you are aware of such a case, please tell us so that it can be noted here!

  • Easy Henri
  • balkan terror
  • Hungy gamer
  • MyCatKilledYourDog
  • PlayerUnknown
  • Zozo
  • Badibadou
  • General Steve
  • Chris
  • banSick
  • [bot_yuri]
  • FuriousAndFast
  • Garry the kill
  • Matteo
  • The Martyr
  • RoachX
  • BilboRaggins
  • TheWhiteWizard
  • ChangeLog
  • Fafa
  • Paul
  • Folichon
  • skolle
  • Lyrix
  • Traumatix
  • lenny
  • rulzz
  • simjay
  • rocket man
  • dusty noob
  • ayoubattack
  • marmot
  • HueLaw
  • chromatix

If you know (or suspect) others, please tell us so that we can improve this list!