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VR Controller Mapping

Supported VR Controllers

HTC Vive Wand

Oculus Touch Controller

Button / Action Mapping

On the HTC Vive Wand this is your index finger button
On the Oculus Touch Controller this is your index finger button


This button is used for firing your weapon, interacting with your gun, picking up ammo and driving vehicles.
Note that when grabbing ammo with the trigger button you drop it/add to inventory upon releasing it.


On the HTC Vive Wand this is your middle finger button
On the Oculus Touch Controller this is your middle finger button

  • Either-Hand

This button is for grabbing/releasing your hand on weapons or items.

  • Off-Hand

In addition to weapon or item management, when wielding a two handed weapon clicking grip on your off hand will cause you to grab the front of the weapon and enable 2 handed aiming. If proximity grab is disabled you will need to press the grip button again to release.
Note that when grabbing ammo with the grip button you have to press it again to drop it/add to inventory.


On the HTC Vive Wand this is your touchpad
On the Oculus Touch Controller this is your stick

  • Movement-Hand

Used for movement in the traditional full locomotion style. Press forwards to move forwards, backwards to move backwards, and left and right to strafe. Note the configuration option for being left handed or right handed for will influence which hand is your movement hand.

  • Non-movement hand

If you have an Oculus Rift and you are configured for 180' mode, this is used for snap turning left or right.

Action Button

On the HTC Vive Wand this is your menu button (above the trackpad).
On the Oculus Touch Controller this is the B/Y button

  • Firing-Hand

This button is for accessing or putting away your Tablet.

  • Off-Hand

This button is for bringing up the exit menu.




Movement in Onward is done via moving your trackpad/stick of your Movement-Hand in the direction you want to move. The angle/direction of your Movement-Hand also influences the direction and speed of your movement.
If you selected Oculus-180 option in the settings the trackpad/stick of your Firing-Hand will be used for snap turning.


To move at maximum speed you need to do two things. First, you need to make sure your controller is pointing straight forwards. Second, if you are holding a weapon it needs to be pointed down.
The faster you move the louder your footsteps will be. You can reduce your speed by walking, by moving the trackpad/stick partially, or by crouching/crawling.

Weapon and Item Manipulation

Rifles and Pistols

Rifles and Pistols are grabbed using the grip button. All weapons have their accuracy increased and recoil decreased by firing with your Off-Hand stabilizing the gun, move your off hand close enough to the fore of the weapon or if proximity grab is disabled, press the grip button and you will grab the fore of the weapon. Firing a weapon with one hand is possible but the recoil is extreme. Note that pistols cannot be weilded with two hands at this time.
Firing is done with your hand that is on the pistol grip, which is where the trigger is located.


To reload your weapon, first you need to remove the magazine. Grab the magazine with trigger, pull it out and drop it. Grab a new mag from your inventory / the ground and put it in the weapon, then charge it.
Charge the weapon using your grip button on the weapon model by pulling back the bolt handle/lever or pistol slide to chamber a round.

Magazine that were not empty that were dropped on the ground can be picked back up and reused. You can tell if a mag is empty by seeing if there is a bullet in the top.



Health and Damage

Health and Damage

Players start out with 100 hp, when you get to 0 hp you die.
Guns do a varying amount of damage, but with the exception of pistols and bolt-action sniper rifles they are fairly comparable. See the Weapons page for more details. Weapon damage stats are also affected by a damage multiplier. The damage multiplier is based on the location that is hit, see the chart below.

Damage Modifier Multiplier
Head Shot 2.0x
Body Shot 1.0x