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Squads and Team Mode
Selecting 'READY' as Squad Captain will send all players present in the squad zone to the waiting lobby in teaming mode. When teamed, gameplay is almost identical to playing solo with the following differences:
* [[the names of your team mates is written in green text above their head]]* [[you can hear your team mates audio regardless of how close or how far apart]]* [[other players who are not members of your team can't hear you, and you can't hear them no matter how close you get!]]* [[you start the game with 100 health points shared among your team members* (refer below)]]
(** ) When playing solo, you start the round with 100 health points. Squads start the round with 100 points in total shared among all members:
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Remember that when playing in a team, you are quite vulnerable at the start of a round - when playing with four team buddies, one punch to the head from an opponent can put you out of the game right away!<br><br>
Squad members can still use health packs to heal up to 100 points regardless of starting health., so head for medical supply tents and village churches when playing in a squad, and be on the lookout for enemies waiting for easy prey on those locations!
== Health and Damage ==

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